NEW!! The Meaning of Mamzer
Bastard Child or Name of a Nation?  Q: How can HaElohim (God) be so unfair! He excludes a bastard child from the congregation of Yehowah until even the tenth generation (Deuteronomy 23:2). What did that child ever do to deserve such a punishment? A: HaElohim is not unfair. Read on to understand the surprising reason why.  »
On This Very Day
When is the Correct Day to Celebrate Shavuoth?  Surely, as a Karaite, it would be very tempting to assume a priori that the Karaite point of view is the correct one and the Rabbanite view is the incorrect one. However, I have decided that, in order to be a true Karaite, I must not automatically accept the Karaite view! Rather, I must "search well in the scriptures, and not rely upon anyone’s opinion."  »
Karaite FAQ
List of Frequently Asked Questions about Karaism.  Karaite Insights has gathered all of your most common questions about Karaism into a single, handy article. The Karaite Insights FAQ is updated and expanded on a regular basis, so be sure to check back periodically.  »
Tefillin (Phylacteries)
A Different Perspective On Tefillin And The Geulah.  When will the geulah (redemption) come? According to many religious Jews it will come when the entire nation of Israel starts  »
“An Eye for an Eye” (עין תחת עין)
Is it Meant to Be Taken Literally?  Some Karaites believe that the phrase “an eye for an eye” is meant to be taken literally. As one well-known Karaite once told me, “a true Torah government will have a department which renders the appropriate bodily punishments, such as the removal of an eye or the knocking out of a tooth.”  »
What is the Shabbath?
The Shabbath occurs once every seven days and is generally translated as "The Day of Rest". On Shabbath we are supposed to refrain from something called "melacha" (מלאכה). There are many different opinions as to what this word means  »
Yom HaTeruah
The Day of Noise-Making to Gain Yehowah's Remembrance.  Yom HaTeruah falls on the First Day (Rosh Hodesh) of the Seventh biblical month. It is translated alternatively as "The Day of Shouting" or "The Day of Trumpets"  »
Yom HaKippurim (יום הכיפורים)
The Day of Getting Yehowah to Cover His Eyes And Forget.  Yom HaKippurim is generally translated as "The Day of Atonement", but "atonement", like "holy", is one of those words which has long ago been emptied of all its meaning.  »
The Soul, The Breath, and the Name of Yehowah
Last night, after spending the Shabbat with some wonderful friends, I came home, and as I stood outside my home, looking up at the stars, I was suddenly aware of the endless depth of the universe, interrupted only by the sweet scents of the evening air of late spring.  »
The Holocaust That Was and
the Holocaust That Will Be
After spending almost an entire school year teaching at a particular high school in Jerusalem where the students were indoctrinated daily with anti-Torah and anti-Israel philosophies  »
What is Karaism?
It seems the unfortunate task of our generation to, given a twisted piece of wreckage, somehow reconstruct the original. The times we live in are complicated  »
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