The Holocaust That Was and the Holocaust That Will Be

by Melech ben Ya'aqov

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In 2002, after spending almost an entire school year teaching at a particular high school in Jerusalem where the students were indoctrinated daily with anti-Torah and anti-Israel philosophies, I spent almost two weeks of my free time in a secluded spot, thinking and writing. The result was the following article, which I handed out to my students upon its completion. I was fired the next day. Therefore, I am particularly proud of this article, as it's impact was great enough to shake the arrogant foundations of a "fine" institution of learning, whose main purpose was to turn impressionable Israeli youth away from our ancient values.

Apple orchard below Mount Hermon, Golan Heights, Israel | © Melech ben Ya'aqov, Karaite Insights
Apple orchard below Mount Hermon, Golan Heights, Israel


The Holocaust That Was

Ask the average Jew why the Holocaust happened and you are sure to get the answer, "It is impossible to understand." However, this is not the truth, rather a slogan for people who do not wish to truly understand. To someone who wishes to understand and who is ready to “admit our sins and the sins of our fathers” [see Leviticus 26:40], the answer is clear and not far from him. So why do so few want to understand the Holocaust? In order to understand the Holocaust, a person has to admit that he and his fathers sinned, not YHWH, and this is something that the “stiff-necked nation” does not like to do: “He is not corrupt, his sons are the blemished ones.” [Deuteronomy 32:5] That is to say, if something bad occurs to us, we are guilty, not YHWH. What, then, is the reason that the Holocaust occurred? The clear reason is lack of zealousness for the land of Israel.

In the year 5657 (29 August 1897), the First Zionist Congress convened and began to publicize the idea that the return of the Nation of Israel to the Land of Israel had begun. In 1917, the Balfour Declaration opened the gates of the Land of Israel to every Jew who wished to answer the ancient call to return to his land. The nations of Europe supported the idea of return in order to rid themselves of the “Jewish problem.” (It is important to note that after most Jews did not take advantage of the opportunity to come to the Land of Israel, the nations of Europe found an alternative way to solve the Jewish problem.) What were the reactions of the Jews of Europe to the idea of returning to the land of their fathers? Most of the people were apathetic. The Maskilim (Jews of the Enlightenment) saw Zionism as a danger to their acceptance into “enlightened” European society. The Orthodox Jews found textual sources and “proved” that it was forbidden to make aliyah to the Land of Israel before the coming of the messiah, and that it was forbidden to break the oath “don’t go up as a wall.”

How many Jews actually made aliyah to our Land? We know that only a very small portion of European Jews (who numbered around 8,000,000 before the Second World War) answered the call to return to the Holy Land. Both the Maskilim and the Orthodox, together, dismissed the idea of the Land of Israel as their future and looked instead towards Europe. The Maskilim thought of Europe as the center of the civilized world, and the Orthodox proclaimed Lithuania to be the “New Jerusalem.”

It is interesting to note that until this very day, the descendants of these two groups blame each other for the Holocaust. The Orthodox claim that the Holocaust was caused by Maskilim who forsook the Torah and the Maskilim claim that the Holocaust was caused by the Orthodox who refused to change their outdated traditions. The truth is that both groups forsook the Torah in that they rejected the Land of Israel, and we now know that both groups were destroyed together in the Holocaust. (Which group was not caught in the Holocaust? The Jews who decided to come to the Land of Israel.)

Let us understand exactly how the Jews of Europe forsook the Torah: outside of the Land of Israel, it is possible to perform only a small portion of the commandments of the Torah. In the Land of Israel, it is possible to perform many more, for instance shmita, orlah, yovel, peah [of the field], leqeth, 1 the establishment of Levitical cities and cities of refuge, and many more. If a person has no chance whatsoever to be in the land of Israel, then he is "anoos" (prevented by circumstances beyond his control) from performing the commandments connected to the Land of Israel, and one cannot claim that he deliberately chose not to do so. Therefore, it cannot be "counted" against him in his "account" with YHWH that he deliberately ignored these commandments. But, if a person has the possibility of making aliyah to the Land of Israel and he chooses not to do so, (and it doesn’t matter what excuses he finds or invents in order to convince himself that he does not have to come to the Land of Israel), then all the commandments connected with the Land of Israel are now counted in his "account" with YHWH as if he deliberately refused to do them. It is not too difficult for a Jew to understand the painful consequences of such a choice:

"If you will not listen to me and you will not do all of these commandments, and if you will grow weary of my laws and your soul will grow sick of my injunctions so as not to do all of my commandments, thereby forsaking my covenant, … then you shall be destroyed among the nations and the land of your enemies shall devour you." [Leviticus 26:14,38; from the “Blessing and the Curse”]

From this, we see that the Holocaust was an expected occurrence to those who wanted to see the truth (such as Zeev Jabotinsky, who ran frantically from place to place in order to warn the Jews of Europe of the impending disaster. As is now well known, few bothered to listen to him.)

Let us now turn our attention to something very interesting about the battles fought by the evil German nation during WWII. As is known, the leader of the Germans managed to conquer all of Europe (except for the British Isles) and also managed to conquer most of the lands of the Mediterranean region. From one direction, he got as far as Egypt (a bit west of Cairo) and from the other direction, he got as far as the Turkish border. The only place in all of Europe and the Mediterranean region that he was not successful in conquering was the area around the Land of Israel. This is an important piece of evidence showing that there is a deep connection between the Holocaust and the Land of Israel. The fact of the matter is, a Jew who decided to remain in Europe and not come to the Land of Israel, whether a Maskil or an Orthodox Jew, was caught in the Holocaust, and a Jew who chose to make aliyah, was not.

To what may disregard towards the Land of Israel be compared? The President of the United States has decided to throw a gala party and invites one thousand guests to the White House. He readies the Presidential residence in all its grandeur, brings out the best china, purchases aged wines, and on the day of the party, dresses in his finest clothes and waits for the arrival of his guests. But instead of one thousand guests, only twenty-five show up. The rest of the guests have not even bothered to call in order to cancel their invitations, and they did not inform the President that they had found something “more important” to do the same evening. Should the President not be angry? Would he not say that they disparaged not only him as a private individual but also the national symbol he represents? Is not this incident both disrespectful and worthy of punishment? So much more so in the case of an entire nation (aside from a few individuals) who disregarded YHWH, who is not a king of flesh and blood: YHWH prepared the greatest event in the history of the Nation, if not the entire world — the return of his beloved nation, Israel, to the land of their fathers — and only a few members of the nation even bothered to show up (including many who “prayed” three times every day to return to Zion.)


The Holocaust That Will Be

Most of the nation is completely blind to the fact that another Holocaust is on the way. As stated earlier, the previous Holocaust focused on the issue of the Land of Israel. More precisely, the previous Holocaust was caused by a lack of zealousness by the Nation of Israel for the Land of Israel. What, then, is the central issue of the coming Holocaust? The clear and indisputable answer is: the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. To be exact, the coming Holocaust will be caused by a lack of zealousness on the part of the Nation of Israel for the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

"Call out and say, 'So says YHWH of Hosts, I have been zealous for Jerusalem with a great zealousness.' " [Zakharia 1:14]

"And the word of YHWH was upon the hand of Hagai the Prophet saying, 'Is this the time for you to sit in your wood-paneled houses while this house [on the Temple Mount] lays in ruins?' And now, so says YHWH of Hosts, 'Pay attention to your ways: you have sown much and brought in little, you have eaten but have not been satisfied, you have drunk but your thirst has not been quenched, you clothe yourself but you are still cold, and he who earns his wages does so into a hole-ridden pocket. So says YHWH of Hosts, pay attention to your ways.' " [Hagai 1:3]

"And he said to me, son of man, is it a small thing for the House of Judah that they have committed the abominations which they have committed here [on the Temple Mount], but they have also filled the land with violence and have repeatedly angered me. … So will I also do in burning anger; my eyes will not pity and I will not show mercy, and though they cry in my ears with a loud voice I will not hear them." [Yehezqel 8:17]

In 1967, the Nation of Israel, aided by great miracles from the hand of YHWH our God and the God of our fathers Avraham, Yizhaq and Ya’aqov, who has returned each and every one of us to our land and who fought together with his beloved nation, with each and every soldier, to the last drop of blood, liberated Jerusalem, our ancient capital, the city of King David, the "Pleasant Singer" of Israel, 2 and his son Solomon, and liberated the Temple Mount, the life-blood of the Nation of Israel and the place where YHWH dwells on this earth. In doing so, the Nation of Israel controlled the Temple Mount for the first time in two thousand years. What was the reaction of our people? Six hours after the Temple Mount’s liberation from a foreign nation, the Defense Minister of the State of Israel returned the keys of the Temple Mount and informed the amazed Ishmaelites that the Nation of Israel was not interested in the Temple Mount at this point in time. With that, the nation disregarded its most holy place and spit in the face of its God.

There are many similarities between the previous Holocaust and the coming Holocaust. In the previous Holocaust, most of the nation disparaged the Land of Israel; in the coming Holocaust, most of the nation will disparage Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. (It is a fact that a large portion of the nation has supported giving away parts of Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, to a foreign nation.) In the previous Holocaust, only a small portion of the nation had the foresight to realize that a Holocaust was about to occur; likewise in the case of the coming Holocaust, only very few Jews understand the true significance of the events currently taking place and understand why these events must lead to another Holocaust. The majority of the nation remains completely confused and in the dark. In the previous Holocaust, Jews found and invented excuses in order not to come to the Land of Israel. In this Holocaust, Jews have found and invented excuses in order not to go up to the Temple Mount. Even the excuses have not changed! The Hilonim (secular Jews), the spiritual descendants of the Maskilim, say that going up to the Temple Mount endangers our chances to be accepted by the nations of the world, and the Dati’im (religious) say that it is forbidden to go up to the Temple Mount before the messiah comes.

Furthermore, the underlying reason for the coming Holocaust is similar to that of the previous Holocaust: The Nation once again has left the Torah of its forefathers. 3 Let us understand how: without the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple, it is possible to perform only a small portion of the commandments of the Torah. Approximately half the commandments are connected to the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple — for instance, all the commandments having to do with the sacrificial service and the service of the Levites and the Kohanim. (This number already reaches into the hundreds.) If the nation has no chance whatsoever to go up to the Temple Mount and renew these commandments, then the nation is "anoos" (prevented by circumstances not under its control) from performing the commandments connected to the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple, and it cannot be "written" in the Nation’s "account" that it deliberately violated these commandments. But it is not the case that the nation has no chance. The moment we liberated the Temple Mount in 1967, we could have gone up upon it and restored the commandments that are connected to it. But we chose not to do this. Each year that we do not take advantage of our opportunity to go up to the Temple Mount and restore close to half the commandments of the Torah, it is recorded against us in our "account" as deliberate failure on our part to do these commandments. As in the previous Holocaust, it is not far from us to understand the terrible consequences of this fateful decision:

"And it shall be that if you do not listen to the voice of YHWH to keep and do all of his commandments and statutes which I command you today, … then YHWH will send upon you cursing, discomfort and failure in all that you apply your efforts to do, until you are destroyed and perish quickly from the land because of your evil deeds in having left me." [Deuteronomy 28:15, 20]

Also, as in the previous Holocaust, current events reveal the central issue behind the coming Holocaust, of which we are now in the preliminary stages. One who contemplates and attempts to understand the current events will see that many of them are connected with the Temple Mount and Jerusalem: What is the name which the Ishmaelites have given to their current war against us: is it not “Intifada Al-Aksa”, which is located on the Temple Mount? And what is the slogan of the Murderer? Is it not "one million martyrs to Jerusalem?" And what began the current war if not the Prime Minister’s ascending the Temple Mount? And following this by only a couple of months were the Camp David meetings in which a previous Prime Minister was ready to give up half of Jerusalem including the Temple Mount, an offer which was rejected by the Murderer. As the events of the coming times unfold, pay special attention to the emphasis on the Temple Mount and Jerusalem.

This is also reflected in the sayings of the prophets of ancient Israel, sayings which point to a siege and a war upon Jerusalem in the time of the ingathering of the exiles:

"And it shall be that in all the land, declares YHWH, two-thirds [of the people] shall be cut off and die and one-third shall remain upon it." [Zakharia 13:8] … "And I shall gather all the nations to Jerusalem for war and the city shall be taken, the houses plundered and the women raped, and half the city shall go out to exile but the rest of the people will not be cut off from the city." [Zakharia 14:2]

"And it shall be that all those who call upon the name of YHWH will escape because on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem there will be those who escape, as YHWH has said, among the survivors which YHWH has called." [Yoel 3:5] … 4 "And I shall gather together all the nations and I shall bring them down to the valley of Yehoshafath and I will enter into judgment with them there, on account of my nation, my inheritance, Israel, which they have scattered among the nations and have divided up my land." [Yoel 4:2]

So why does the majority of the nation not feel that the next Holocaust is about to occur? There are two answers to this question. The first is that, like the previous Holocaust, we do not want to see. He who wants to see the truth can see quite clearly that we are now in the initial stages of another Holocaust: We regard the terrorist attacks that occur on a daily basis as a passing phase that will surely improve as soon as "we make peace" or "we build the security fence" or "America understands us". Similar to the Jews just before the previous Holocaust, we don’t see the times in which we live in the correct light, as the beginning of a situation which will only continue to deteriorate.

The second answer is, because of the false prophets of our time: our political "leaders", “leaders” in the media and cultural “leaders”, upon whom we depend, lie to us with their empty slogans and blind us with their false promises of a future of peace and happiness when, in fact, just the opposite is going to occur. (Where is the bright future that they promised you in 1993?)

“So says the Lord YHWH, Woe to the disgusting prophets who go after their own spirit but have seen nothing. Like foxes among the ruins, so have your prophets become, Israel. … They see falsely and divine lies, saying 'YHWH has spoken', but YHWH did not send them. Yet they desperately hope that their word will come true. Did you not see a false vision? Did you not say a lying divination? Yet you say, 'YHWH says', when I have not spoken. Therefore so says the Lord YHWH, Because of your false sayings and your lying visions, I am upon you, says the Lord YHWH. And my hand shall be upon the prophets who see false visions and who divine lying divinations. They will not enter into the inner council of my nation, and they shall not be written in the writings of the house of Israel, and they will not inherit the Land of Israel. Then they will know that I am the Lord YHWH, because they gravely deceived my people saying 'Peace', but there was no peace.’” [Yehezqel 13:3]

And where will these false prophets be when tragedy comes? Will they protect you and comfort you in your time of trouble? No. They will flee and hide in order to save themselves from the approaching storm, and you will remain alone, with their slogans and promises ringing in your head. The future, for most of them, will be to be devoured by the same Ishmaelites whom today they adore and bring close, a barbaric nation 5 that will be sent by the same God about whom they say, "He doesn't exist".


HaTikvah (The Hope)

The coming Holocaust will be immense, even bigger than the previous Holocaust. And it is not far off now. I do not say this with happiness or joy, but rather with a heavy and sad heart. But this is the truth, and every Jew must know and understand it well. Why must you understand? Because if you understand the reasons behind the coming Holocaust, and if you open your heart and your mind to the truth, even a little bit, then you can save yourself and your loved ones, just as a Jew who would have understood the reasons behind the previous Holocaust would have been able to come to the Land of Israel and save himself and his family.

The truth is that all of this need not be. There is great hope if only the nation would do what is required of it. About this hope, we will speak in the next letter, if I have time to write it. In the meantime, my hope is that you will regard the things that have been said here with the utmost seriousness. I worked over fifty hours on this letter because it is important to me that you understand the truth, and very important to me to fight against the lies and false hopes that you hear around you every single day, including in this school. May Yehowah bless you and your family.

Melech ben Ya'aqov
10 Sivan 5762 (21 May 2002)
Jerusalem, the City of David

1Leaving the corner of the field and the gleanings of the harvest for the poor of the nation: "And when you harvest the harvest of your land, do not finish off the corner of your field when you harvest, and do not go back to pick up the leftovers of your harvest; you shall leave them for the poor and for the outsider. I am YHWH, your god." [Leviticus 23:22]
2Second Samuel 23:1
3"Listen, my son, to the chastisement of your father, and do not abandon the instructions of your mother, because it shall be a garland of grace upon your head, and a necklace around your neck." [Proverbs 1:8]
4This verse tells us that when disaster comes, he who wants to be saved should flee in the direction of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount. This is the opposite of what many people will think to do at that time.
5"And he [Ishamel] shall be a wild ass of a man, his hand upon everyone and everyone's hand upon him, and in his brother's face shall he dwell." [Genesis 16:12]

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Amen. The Truth Shall Set You Free
Daizyloo, U.K.
Excellent article of truth & light. Everything you have written is correct. It saddens me greatly that some of us as 'The Chosen' refuse to read & obey YHWH. History & Tanakh are my life because I love YHWH. He never lets me down, never. Also our children are being brainwashed, and it is our duty as parents to 'train up a child in the way he should go'. Lack of effort & Biblical education in the home is a problem, history always repeats itself if we disobey YHWH. Well written article.
Agree, I'm afraid
Natalie, W
When I read the title I thought the author meant the holocaust of the American Jews, the last large remaining diaspora. (That's what Meir Kahane was afraid of). But this is even more disturbing and hard to ignore. And I don't think it's just the Temple: the government of Israel refuses to fulfill other commandments, such as throwing out non-Jews (unless they submit) and restoring Eretz Israel to the boundaries given to us by God. Yes, it includes not only Judea, Samaria, Gaza, but the so-called Kingdom of Jordan. Instead, they're giving away the land hard-won in the several wars fought for Israel's very survival! You don't have to believe in God and Torah to see how crazy it is! Even the Pentagon admits that the 1967 borders are indefensible! And yet, people in Israel are still under illusion that America is the ally. The American (Western) elite is only pushing for the destruction of the nation of Israel (along with any other nation on Earth) -- make no mistake about it!
Very Disappointed
Kirill Rivkin, New York
Melech, I was extremely disappointed by your comments. I am very attracted to the ideas of Karaite Judaism, especially its logic and steadfastness to the principles of Torah and unwillingness to bow to conventions. However, I cannot fathom how you would consider deaths of 6 million innocent Jews a just punishment. Your arguement lacks any logic -- what about the Jews who left their countries of birth and settled in Eretz Israel only to be killed by Arab terrorists from 1920's on to establishment of independent Israel in 1948? What was their sin? What about 44 million non-Jews who died during WWII? What was their fault? I am happy that you consider the "eye for an eye" policy barbaric. How then can you approve deaths of millions of innocent people of any religion?
Future Holocaust
Uchendu Izuogu, London, UK
I applaud your article. Especially the latter half. I hear what you are saying regarding the Holocaust; I am not in a position to comment ... but I do believe there is much truth in what you say. Nonetheless, as a believer in Yeshua, I can not absolve the part that Gentile Believers (Christians) have played in this tragic moment of history (cf. Martin Luther and many other so called "Church Fathers"). Let us not forget that The Holy One of Israel raised Gentile nations to punish Israel, but didn't some go too far? Notwithstanding, I agree; there is another disaster (Holocaust as you put it) yet to befall the children of Avraham, Yitz'chak and Ya'akov. Our Creator is merciful and compassionate; He is gracious and faithful and so I stand before Him and "remind" Him of His covenant to Avraham; I "remind" Him that He delivers to draw people close to Him. Israel are NOT His people because of their obedience, but because of He who ALONE passed through the 2 halves of the carcasses while Father Avraham slept! Shalom, A fellow watchman, Uchendu
Elcellent article and fine comments
Ray F. Bennett, Ha Arava of Isaiah 35
Boldest and best understanding I have read so far. Nothing need be addeded. Ray
Hope in Holocaust
Antoinette, Snowflake, AZ USA
It is in trial that we come to know the "TRUTH." Trial takes away our pride and opens our hearts to see where we have been blind. May all of Israel repent/return to the Torah as it is written and walk in the Path of YHWH'S TRUTH before this trial comes, but if they/we do not, even in the trial... there is hope!
A non-Jewish Zionist., Sydney
Go onto the internet and you will find hundreds of evil antisemitic websites and articles with titles like "the Talmud is evil Zionism". Of course Neturei Karta (spelling unsure) and other anti-Zionist Jews use the Talmud to bolster their position, that Israel should be occupied, her people crushed and dispersed until the Messiah comes. Of course if Christians would stop reading the Hebrew bible looking for veiled references to Jesus and the Trinity, they would realize that the Tanakh is the most Zionist of all, and this article (written by Jews who reject the Talmud completely) demonstrates this perfectly. Thank you.
Thank you.
Pazel Yacob Caplin., Castle douglas, Scotland.
Thank you for having so much courage to say the truth. Shalom. Pazel Caplin.
Fran Brashear, Cincinnati
You speak Truth. May YAHUWAH protect and be with you and your family in the coming days.
this article
Valerie Knowles, Sandy Valley NV
Dina suggested we read this article. Very well put, very well said....I totally agree with you. I am sorry you lost your job... I am now not married, because I refuse to compromise on what Torah I can follow. Shalom, Valerie
Great Truth!!!
T'Yoma, Jerusalem
Shalom Melech, I'm looking over your website after you mentioned it on A7 in your comment to the guy who thought you were a christian. Ignorance is bliss my friend as I'm sure you know. I like very much what you've written here, you're the first fellow Jew I've ever come across willing to tell the TRUTH. Thank you. I would have only added one more thing to this letter which I FEEL is also a major reason for this coming holocaust. The deception of the "leadership" of modern day Judaism, i.e., the Rabbi's and their Oral Torah which never came from YHVH. I would add... Isaiah foresaw and prophesied about modern Judaism ~ "that people has approached Me with its mouth and honored Me with its lips, but has kept its heart far from Me, and its worship of Me has been a commandment of MEN, learned by rote" (Isa 29:13)
so true !
Shilah bat Eliyahu, Minnesota, USA
I thank G-d who has given you this insight, & I beg Him to remember His promise,"My Word does not return to Me empty,but as rain waters the earth,so My Word brings forth the effect for which I sent it". You gave the youth His truth, as a good teacher should: & it won't return to Him empty, but will have an effect on them. Let's pray they choose to follow Him, as the people did in the wilderness. Meanwhile, you keep speaking the truth; & may G-d bless & keep you.
Real Comment on this Article
Zvi, Karmiel
Shalom and Shavu`a Tov Melekh, While I find this article to be genuinely thought provoking and indeed quite insightful, I must note that you occasionally generalize which damages the article's credibility in my eyes. The article would've been even better if you had been able to make your case without them.