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Was There a Pharisaic Revolution Against the Old Order?
edited by Melech ben Ya'aqov
2 April 2014
A well thought-out article written by a practicing Rabbinical Jew who seems to be coming to grips with the limitations and logical contradictions of Rabbinical Judaism.  read article »
Hag HaMazoth Hagaddah
Melech ben Ya'aqov
14 April 2011
Featuring beautiful photos of the Land of Israel.  This Hag HaMazoth ("Passover") Hagaddah, written in the spirit and tradition of Karaism, is offered free to the Karaite community. Based on verses from the Tanach, it features some of the many thousands of photographs that my wife and I have taken of the Land of Israel over the past 7 years.  download »
Introduction to Yahadut Qarait
Yohanan bin-Dawidh
8 February 2008
Origins and Ideology.  This paper will briefly examine the reasons behind the existence of Yahadut Qarait in contrast to Yahudut Rabanit. It will discuss various possibilities concerning when Yahadut Qarait came into existence. It will describe the differences in thought between the two movements of Yahadut where Torah is concerned. It will also briefly discuss differences of opinion over certain matters of Torah observance.  read article »